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Truly Speaking



Speaking in front of others is a fearful prospect for many of us. It reaches into our darkest and most painful corners around which we do our best to cope. We think of public speaking as something that happens in front of big audiences, on a stage, but the reality is that life calls most of us to speak in front of others every day ....

Speaking Circles® on Zoom!
Who could have guessed it? Yes, it's true ... with a small adjustment to its time-honoured form but maintaining its essential qualities, we're able to meet using Zoom technology. What's moving you could be a wish to free your self from the fear of speaking in front of others, but in these extraordinary times I see a deeper, more fundamental reason to step in ...
What people are saying ...

"Thank you for this awesome speaking circle! It brough clarity about what is important when you stand in front of a crowd and have to speak.... clear solid focus on what is deeper than the words...and breathe... Also my listening skills were sharper afterwards! I thoroughly enjoyed it and would love to do it again." CP


"It's a healing work and touched me deeply. Anxiety, the need to perform, be clever, say the right thing - all of it melted into the kind space of acceptance held by the audience and facilitator. My heart opened, reached out, connected, and to my surprise instead of nervousness a sweet joy filled me. My mouth opened: I spoke and I was received. It didn't even really matter what I said. My presence was enough. I was seen - and loved it!" AB


"The simple format of the speaking circle is surprisingly powerful. From the first exercise, I found myself gently descending into a quiet space of presence that continued to expand as the afternoon progressed. By the end of the session, I felt wide open and deeply connected to everyone in the group. Thank you, Sarah, for this wonderful experience of seeing and being seen by others". MM


"The love and support from the group, and in the field itself, was thickening more and more as I allowed myself to be seen and to speak without censoring my words. A deeply palpable, awesome experience." BU


"Simple, yet profound. Thank you for such a nurturing circle." DC


" ... something awakened in me that had been sleeping for a long time: a mixture of delight, power and real aliveness. I felt love, nourishment and real support from those sharing this evening with me. I would like more! I could see the possibility of speaking to small or large groups from a deeper place, letting speaking arise as it does ... enjoying the audience as they enjoy you!" AJ


What I most enjoyed about the speaking circle was the listening. To be open to just listening to others, giving them a warm space in which to speak and then to have them hold you in the same way, was very special. SS


It was was a whole different experience for me to speak and know that I was being heard...while being so connected to the others.  The 'edge' that so often arises - when trying to say things in a particular way, or trying to stay focused...or feeling awkward - none of that seemed present in me. Being acknowledged, through applause, opened up opportunity to graciously receive...and I was deeply humbled by that. I'm much more aware how I'm interacting with others now, in daily life, and despite any habitual ways of relating during conversations, there's lots of lovely change occurring.HH


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