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a little bit about me:


What I love most about this work is its magical simplicity and the speed with which it works. I love, too, how everyone gets to embody both their vulnerable selves and their simple beingness, which is always just beneath, as they enter the listening field which we create. It's exciting to see the way we can evolve together once we let first things come first.


I tumbled into my first Speaking Circle in England, in the late '90s. I was training in a Buddhist form of psychotherapy. This was where the existence of deeper, subtler levels of what I am began to open and move. I had a small private psychotherapy practice, and also worked in a university student counselling service. Later, I included working with couples in meeting the fiery challenges of committed relationship.  


The last decade has been one of much change, responding to life's deepening, surprising invitations including living for a spell in the wilds of BC. It was an initiation into a new level of community, of sharing, learning, growing food, caring for an organic apple orchard and living closer to wild animals than I'd ever imagined! Learning fundamental principles of organic gardening had me realize the hitherto unseen levels on which everything actually rests ... and I see its parallels in our opportunity to become fully human beings.


I've let go of my profession more than once in response to other imperatives. Now it comes around refreshed, and with what I realize about relational presence at the forefront. It is my learning too, and I am delighted to be able to share this profound work with others.


Last year a quote particularly moved me. It spoke of not doing great things in the world, but 'small things with great love'. For me, a Speaking Circle is just one such 'small thing', and the 'great love' is subtly, pervasively and wonderfully real.





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