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I feel in these times of increasing polarity and isolation, the opportunity to connect and be with others from the best of our humanity is precious. With masks, social distancing and regulations against gatherings, what we took for granted is suddenly a rarity.

Whilst we all can usually find a position to stand on in relation to the issues of our times, an opinion to adhere to or some judgment to separate us, we don't actually love it as much as relaxing deeper within, together. Just beneath our patterned ways lies the connectivity we share as vulnerable human beings and the enjoyment of simply listening and seeing, being seen and heard, however we are in this moment.

Virtual Speaking Circles® are a lovely way to be together in a space that nurtures deep listening, relaxed speaking and a genuine appreciation of each other. If you've attended a 'physical' one, you'll remember the warm space that opens up as we all gather around a few simple principles that nurture our fuller presence and enable natural speaking. Now, in the virtual realm, we can explore how to bring this relational presence into our connections with others on an online platform. 

Circles will have a maximum of 5 participants and last up to 90 minutes. The cost is $30 CAD, payable in advance by e-transfer in Canada, and by credit card internationally (I will invoice you). If you cancel within 24 hours, the payment remains.

To book your place, email me from my Contact page.  I also offer individual sessions. Contact me for details.

I'm looking forward to meeting you and sharing the magic!

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